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Air Care

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Scent Oils

Fine Fragrance

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Home Care

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air care

Aerosol, Gel, Liquid, Electric, Diffuser

Nothing beats relaxing in a cosy environment after a busy day. Let us create captivating scents to elevate your air care products to the next level.


Featuring the classic scents of Lavender, Lemon, Floral and Green Tea.

Inspired by nature, nostalgia, spirituality, gourmet or your imagination.


With our vast knowledge in the fragrance world, we are always ready to help you create the scents to boost your air care products into a larger market share. 


Fine fragrance

What would life be without fragrance? 

For generations, perfume has captivated, mystified and mesmerised mankind.

Allow us to distill a part of this special moment in the form of an essence for your true enjoyment and reflection.

Our Creative Team are constantly on the loop with the market trend for inspiration. With their expertise, a collection of fine fragrances are delivered for designer brands and mass market production.

Parfum, Eau de Toilette, Splash Cologne



Laundry Powder, Liquid Detergent, Fabric Softener, Floor Cleaner, Dish-washing Liquid, Multi-purpose Cleaner

The smell of laundry products play an important role in the success of a product. A well-performing fragrance will make laundry not seem like a chore.

In-house washing tests are carried out on Laundry Care fragrances to ensure the best performance.

We study the changing consumer trends and develop fragrances to capture the consumer's attention. Let us bring a fragrant touch to every home.


personal care

Bar Soap, Shower Foam & Gel, Shampoo, Hand & Body Lotion, Skin Care

It is important to feel clean and rejuvenated when we wake up every morning. 

Our team of experts will be responsible in imparting fragrance into your personal product. Ensuring its safety and leaving you with a lingering scent of confidence, contentment and well-being.

Our Creative and Marketing teams work hand-in-hand to develop fragrances that are up to date and will uplift your products. 

To ensure individuality, hands-on fragrance evaluations are carried out regularly to understand the consumer's needs.

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