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Admiral Essence

Admiral Essence evolved from the aspirations of a dream to create a home-grown,

 made in Singapore fragrance to compete in the region and beyond.


Together, with our diverse team of dedicated artisans, technicians, manufacturing associates, marketing and management, Admiral Essence was born.

Tapping on 35 years of experience with our valued clientele, we are ready to serve you.

And together, we want to make our partnership a success story. 


We strive to be the preferred working partner with all our clients and suppliers. To anticipate and fulfill all our key customers' needs, to provide value-added solutions and business propositions and bring mutual benefit to all parties and stakeholders


Admiral Essence strives to be the leading Singapore home-grown creator and manufacturer of bespoke unique fragrances to fulfill the aspiration and imagination of consumers in ASEAN and markets beyond


Our Values


It is important to keep to one's words and actions. We acknowledge and take responsibility in our actions, products, decisions, policies and customers.


We commit to creating great products, services and, other initiatives that will impact lives within and outside of the organisation.


We are always pursuing new and creative ideas with potential to change the world into a better place.

Upholding a certain set of values is important to us. This is to meet the needs of our consumers and create a pleasantly conducive environment for our team to work in. Besides values, it is important to ensure everyone's safety and that they have a work-life balance. 


With our values, experience and passion in this industry, we are able to cater to you with the best of abilities. 

With that, our team is ready to serve you, any day, any time.

Our Capabilities



  • Analyse market trends

  • Execute new concepts

  • Conduct leading market research

  • Work closely and communicate effectively with our partners

Creative & Product Development

Our perfumers have a distinct sense of smell to capture the uniqueness of a scent.


Raw materials undergo a characteristics evaluation by our perfumers. 


We are always on the lookout for new raw materials for creative work and new product launches for inspiration. 

Technical support

Various tests, both chemically and physically are carried out. 

Analysis of our products are also conducted to ensure quality and customer satisfaction



We adhere to IRFA standard, compliance to International Safety Guidelines and only use raw materials that are approved by the authority.


Analytical checks on all aromatic chemicals are conducted to ensure the best quality

We also ensure that the manufacturing process conforms to safety standards and take quality control measures.


We are a dedicated team who uses the art of perfumery to change the world and create a positive impact on every individual.

Every employee is encouraged to take the initiative and contribute to the best of their abilities. This will allow the needs of all our clients, regionally and internationally, to be satisfied.  

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